The group “Le Arti per Via” comes from Bassano del Grappa. It is the creator and the actor of a new and original and cultural idea, which has generated great interest and astounded the public, wherever it comes form and whatever its cultural background is. “Le Arti per Via” has succeeded uniquely in combining three types of entertainment: Folk group, strolling musicians and street theatre. It has needed years of research on tools, costumes, gestures, words, songs and the workmanship of the various crafters have resulted in a funny and involving performance with 40 characters (artisans and sellers from the beginning of XX century represented by 60 actors), but also a rigorous and precise historical and philological re-enactment. The show performed by “Le Arti per Via” is a precise reconstruction of that age, it is a “living museum” that is formative as well as entertaining. This is a new way to let the Italian culture to be presented to an international audience combining a message both of culture and performances, but also showing the research and discovery that manual labor is the common root of the entire mankind.